Redmine User Information: 2015-03-03 Maintenance and

Added by Jan Sellmann almost 5 years ago

What will happen:

  • upgrade of the operating system on and


  • Tuesday, March 3rd, 10 am - 2 pm

Who/What is affected:

  • The upgrades requires a downtime of both subversion servers
  • Neither the repositories hosted on both servers, nor the svn access manager will be usable during the maintenance, including access from the Redmine server
  • During the maintenance you might see error messages, when clicking the repository inside the Redmine server
  • No major upgrade of the subversion package will happen (1.6.12 -> 1.6.17), so we don't expect any compatibility issues with existing working copies

Redmine User Information: Redmine Upgrade coming soon

Added by Jan Sellmann about 6 years ago

The Redmine System on this platform is going to be upgraded soon, please expect a service interruption due to the maintenance in late November.
A condensed list of fixes and features available with the new version is available at Redmine-New-Features.

As soon as the final upgrade date is set, we'll let you know through this News system.

Redmine User Information: Password Changes for ZMAW users

Added by Jan Sellmann about 6 years ago

ZMAW-Users only:

From Tuesday, November 12th 2013 on the password for your ldap account on this site will be changed to your login password, the old "e-mail"-password won't work anymore. Please see Rainer Weigles e-mail to the zmaw-all mailinglist for details. In case of problems please contact .

Redmine User Information: Important info on email notification

Added by Karl-Hermann Wieners over 6 years ago

Dear user of the ZMAW Redmine Service,

due to users' demand, and in our endless efforts to make our Redmine system as useful as possible, we would like to re-configure the system to allow email notification not only for changes in Issues (as it is now), but also for News, Documents, Wikis, Forums, and Files. This means that you may e.g. go to your favourite Forum to click the 'watch' button and get an email notification whenever someone posts a new message.

While this allows for more flexibility in using Redmine for your projects, we definitely want to avoid 'Redmine spamming' for those of you who prefer checking their favourite pages themselves, or use the Atom feeds to stay up-to-date.

So we would like you to take some minutes to read the following paragraphs about the potential impact of this change for your daily work.

The change will become effective on Friday, February 15th, at noon (UTC).

Of course, if you have further questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at any time (but only expect us to answer during German office hours...)

Best regards, Your ZMAW Redmine Administration Team

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