Special Instructions for running amatos under Linux

Installing amatos under Linux is pretty straight forward. The following information was gathered, while trying to compile in a Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS


Install the following packages:

  1. liblapck-dev
  2. libnetcdff-dev
  3. libnetcdf-dev
  4. gfortran
  5. liblapack3
  6. libblas3
  7. netcdf-fortran

You can download these packages from and install them with the Ubuntu Software Center. If you intend to try the advanced geometry capabilities of amatos, you will also need to install:


Path adaptations

You will find the standard libraries (netcdf, lapack, etc.) under


You might have to search until you find the directory in which the libraries are contained. On my pc they were installed to


Remember the directory in which your libraries are since you need to link to them in the installation later.

You will find the standard include files under


Note: you might want to compile a Fortran95 interface to LAPACK, to be found in the subdirectory 3rdparty under the amatos main trunk. Look at the corresponding Readme files there.


Once the required prerequisites are installed, you may go to the general installation instructions.

Good luck!