amatos Installation Instructions

it should be relatively straight forward - however a little off-standard - to install the amatos library and run the AMATOS test executable. Here are the essential steps:

  1. Change into the directory trunk/compile/[architecture] where [architecture] stands for anythink like linux_g64, macosx_intel, etc.
  2. Find a Makefile in this directory. You have to change/configure it manually. In particular, you need to specify paths for access to required libraries: NetCDF, LAPACK, BLAS.
    • (Note: If you use the accelerate framework on a Mac, only the LAPACK (not the BLAS) environment variable needs to be specified)
  3. After correctly specifying these individual settings (some compiler options might also need some modifications), you should be able to submit the simple command "make".
  4. If successfull, an executable called AMATOS should have been generated in the same directory.
  5. Make sure your environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on Mac OS X) is set correctly such that shared objects (and or libamatos.dylib or... is such a shared object) can be linked correctly.
  6. Issue the command "make datacopy" in order to copy required data files for running the test program.
  7. Issue the command "./AMATOS -b -f Parameters.dat" in order to test the program.

Good success. In case of problems, you may ask the developers, but there is no guarantee for a quick response...